Keeping The Memories Alive and Safe

Good morning, Sunshine!  I’m enjoying my cup of coffee and getting ready to host my first “Keeping Memories Day Retreat.”  I’m so excited and shaking in my boots at the same time! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let me tell you about it.

Why Our Stories Are So Important

Most of you know me, but those of you that just found me, I am the “Moving Grooving Granny.”  I say that with great joy.  Old age is not a bad thing, right?  But I am a very, multi-dimensional woman. I am also, “The CaregiverELF” and a Life Coach. 

In Caregiving, I share a sadness with families when it is time to say good-bye and help a client pass to their next journey. It can be tough and very peaceful at the same time. 

Ideas Come To Life

That being said, I noticed a trend with my client’s Family.  Many memories and family stories were being lost. That’s when I came up with the idea.

Why not teach the families I work with, to get those stories on paper before it’s too late? I am a talker and wear my emotions on my sleeve. I could never play poker, I’ve been told.  So, why not teach? That’s where KEEPING MEMORIES started.



Welcome To My First Post For Keeping Memories

I will start this small and we will work our way up to completing a wonderful binder to pass down to our families. Are you excited? I am.  Every week I’ll give you some writing prompts to help you get started. 

 Every week I’ll give you some writing prompts to help you get started. This week get a great pen. Make sure it’s one just for your binder and family stories. I use MICRON 05 pigma Archival pens. I love the way they feel in my hand and the writing is clear and clean. For my binder, I went to Walmart and bought a $2.00 binder.

With 13 Grandchildren, it would be hard to put a separate one together for each child so here is my plan. I will have the oldest type up my stories when the binder is full or you could do all your stories on the computer. I just like writing with a pen. For Christmas next year, I will copy the binder and each person in the family will have an extra special gift, from Grandma’s heart.

I am so excited to start. Let me know when you have your supplies and we will get started. If you know someone who wants to get stories passed down, please share my blog with them.

Have a beautiful day, living life in your own groove.