Gracefully? Really?

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I did this morning. One of those hard looks. What the heck happened? I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I’m OLD!  Aging gracefully….my Butt!  How the heck did that happen? Where was I? lol!

As I spent some time really looking the self-talk kicked in. Would you look at those wrinkles!  “Hey, those are laugh lines and I laugh a lot! It’s funny how we always go to the dark negative side.

What I’ve learned

The most important thing is drink boat loads of water and liquids. Man, can I see the wrinkles stand out when I don’t drink enough! Ladies, you will be in the bathroom a bunch. Do some squats while you’re there, saves time and that takes me to the next tip.

Stay in motion, walk. I can not say this enough! You need to keep your body in motion. Any little bit will help. I see so many of my clients, bedridden because they did not keep moving. 

Joint pain

As we age our joints get stiff. Think about it:  If you move a plastic hinge like we move our knees, it would break in a year. I have started using coconut oil or olive oil in everything I cook. Remember the “Tin Man?” He needed a little oil to move it on down the road.

Harder on women

I think aging is harder for women. We need to buy a gallon jug of face lotion and body lotion to keep our skin supple. Not to mention those lovely “old age spots” that keep showing up. Ladies, if you are young…..please, wear sunscreen. You’ll thank yourself 100 times over.

The other blessing that comes is…everything goes south! The butt, the boobs and even the chin and neck. My cure for those….exercise. Even 10 minutes a day will make a BIG difference. Making small changes will change your world.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from a Moving Grooving Granny, who refuses to grow old gracefully! Please share and stay tuned for some more bits of wisdom.