Three generations of strong women.

Three generations of strong women.


Empowering my next generation

It’s not an easy calling to empower MY next generation but it is a necessity. We live in a world of challenges! I know, that you know what I mean. Not to say the men in our lives are not valued because they are. But….

Being a woman, you know WE are the change makers, the teachers. It’s been said: “You teach a woman to read, she will teach a village.” This statement is so true. It’s in our soul to give and teach.

My Greatest Desire

The desire of my heart is to empower the Daughters and Grands in my life, to be strong. To rise up with the belief in their abilities and strength. To do that I have been giving them little “tasks” to overcome hard situations and ask the type of questions that really make them think of a solution on their own. From their own deep knowledge.



Trust in yourself

I asked my Grandaughter “Do you trust yourself?” “Sometimes” was her answer. I took her back to when she had achieved a wonderful goal. Then I asked the question again. “How did that make you feel?” “Like a rock star Grandma!” See, that’s how you learn to trust yourself…listen to your gut.

Teaching my girls

Teaching the girls how to blend their mind, body and spirit to find balance within, is a life long journey.  But hey!  That’s what Granny’s are for!

Loved spending the day with these beautiful girls. My heart is so full of love and joy!

Share your story

I would love to hear how you are empowering the girls in your life. I’ll share my ideas and learn from yours.

Enjoy your day, moving in your own groove.


Moving Grooving Granny