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Are you moving in your own groove?

I was thinking about where I want to take this blog. Blogging in my own groove is the only way to go.  There is so much value I want to add to your lives.  Hmm…where to start.  I am a women with a lot to say.  What is the best way to do that?

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Caregiver, Stroke Survivor and so much more. How do I put that in words?  

The Plan

I believe that the human spirit is so strong, we can be and do anything that we believe we can.  The key word BELIEVE!

 I workout everyday because I don’t want to be in a wheelchair or use a walker ever again. I believed I would walk again, with all my heart.

 My goal is to share with everyone who will listen how important it is to take care of your body, mind and spirit.  Doing it with ways that work.  That don’t take a lot of time.  We all have busy lives but you won’t……. if you don’t put you first.

 The hardest thing is to have belief in yourself. I am faking it until I make it!

What I need to learn. 

I have never blogged before, had a facebook like page or wanted to reach out to as many people in my life. What I had to do, was find someone who knew what I didn’t.  I admitted,  I can’t do this alone and you know what? That is OK!

 That’s where “Valkeryie Consulting” came in.  They are my tech brain.  When I need help,  I put a list together and schedule a call.  If you need tech know how, they have a Facebook page.  Call them.

When I need health and fitness continued education, Beachbody is my go to.  Beachbody is one of the reasons I walk again.  The programs worked for me. I am thankful that I took that first step, even when my brain was telling me “You can’t!”

 And I became a coach to help you understand how to get rid of “I can’t.”

I am not a smart computer person and I needed a spiritual side to learning.  The Grandkids could only help so much!  I signed up in a Facebook Group called “Get Gutsy Galaxy” and have had my mind blown!  I am learning so much, so fast.

Now, I feel ready to power my business ahead.  I have people who have my back.

My future posts.

Blogging and being a Business owner can be overwhelming. I wind up second guessing me sometimes.

That being said, my posts will not only be about fitness and what I am learning but I will also share the dark side.  I’ll be honest about where I’m going and how I’m doing it.  I want to share ALL of it with you. Even when I’m pulling my hair out or doing a happy dance, so you can learn by my mistakes.

Even when I’m trying to turn my Country Cooking into healthy choices or I burn another pan of veggies. I’ll also share with you when  my body is not working right and how I modify my exercise. 

I hope you like the plan and stick around for the ride.  Sharing real life, baby!

Always live life to your own groove. You don’t have to be like someone else. You are special and unique, your journey should be too. It’s your life make it a good one. 

Note: I love PIC LAB APP, it’s great to make pictures with.