About MeHello and Welcome!

I am Beth Ferguson.  I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Private Caregiver,  Positivity Coach, Crafter, Scrap booker, DIYer and RVer. That is a lot to fit into a 50+ life!

 I started out as a young wife and Mother.  Life was smooth until we were in a car accident. My oldest Daughter was 5 at the time and in a coma. Talk about a life changer!  I traded my dream of teaching into care giving. I began my journey of life with a special needs child. My passion became teaching my daughter to use her body and mind.  My Hobby of sewing came from those years. It kept my hands busy during doctor appointments.

Rving, came later in life. Traveling in a home on wheels is exciting. It does come with Pros and Cons but being able to pack up the “Rig” and hit the road for adventures is so freeing! Oh, the fun of finding little pieces of heaven on the back roads. Just amazing!Granny's kitchen

My other Passion is being a “Positivity Coach.”  What is that you ask? Well, that is a person who has lived through the worst and is still standing.  I’ve lived with stroke weakness, depression, PTSD, loss of mobility, loss of memory and low self-esteem. I encourage and teach people how to be positive when it’s the hardest.

I started this blog to write my stories and share my tips.  You’ll find tips on living in a small space, craft projects for kids, Caregiver information, helping people with special needs and tips to stay young and healthy. For those of us that want to “Get Away,” I’ll share helpful hints to pack your RV or truck to hit the highway. Time to  relax the cheap and easy way.

Welcome to our adventures!

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